Authenticate Emails in ASP.NET Using SMTP

Authenticate Emails in ASP.NET Using SMTP

These days, that you must allow SMTP authentication for all emails ship out of your internet hosting account. It’s simple to allow SMTP in case in the event you make use of e-mail purchasers similar to Outlook. Nevertheless, you must present the required authentication code in the event you try to ship an e-mail via ASP.NET net kind.

ASP.NET 4.5 has simplified the method of SMTP authentication when in comparison with prior variations, which make use of CDO object.

(1) It’s essential create an object of smtpClient() and move the required mail server as parameter

Dim smtp As New SmtpClient(“”)

(2) Cross your mail account username and password to NetworkCredential() object

smtp.Credentials = New NetworkCredential(“[email protected]”, “Your Password”)

It’s important to change the area – and Your Password together with your appropriate credentials.

Your emails will now be authenticated.

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