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Our Latest News, Advice and Thoughts

The Importance of ClamAV Antivirus Software in Web Hosting

By Ruchi Awasthi

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Auto Clamav

In the realm of web hosting services, antivirus software is often an overlooked aspect. Many individuals hesitate to invest in what they perceive as non-essential. However, the internet can be a treacherous space, and ignoring potential threats is unwise.

At our web hosting service, security is our priority, and one way we ensure your safety is by incorporating ClamAV antivirus software. We firmly believe that a robust antivirus solution is a fundamental element of a strong security strategy.

Exploring ClamAV

Linux operating systems have a commendable track record of encountering fewer malware threats in comparison to Windows. This distinction arises from Linux’s practice of sourcing packages from a centralized location and its inability to natively run Windows software. With Linux systems, you have the option to install ClamAV, a free and open-source antivirus software originally developed for Unix and now available for Linux systems. ClamAV is versatile in its applications, including email scanning, web scanning, and endpoint protection.

While some may argue that quality aligns with the price you pay, ClamAV has proven to be remarkably effective when measured against its competitors. Recent testing results demonstrate that it successfully detected approximately 75% of all viruses, securing a respectable fifth-place ranking. It trailed the first-place solution by just about 5%.

Seamless Protection

With our web hosting service, you need not fret about manually initiating ClamAV scans on your hosting account or installing additional antivirus software. Our scanning processes are thoughtfully designed not to compromise the speed and performance of your website. Nevertheless, we provide you with the flexibility to trigger your scans if you prefer to take a hands-on approach.

Simply log in to your cPanel and navigate to the “advanced” section. Here, you’ll discover a button labeled “Virus Scanner.” Clicking on it will present you with various scanning options, enabling you to select the scan scope that aligns with your requirements. Whether you intend to scan email, the entire home directory, the public web space, or the public FTP space, our integrated virus scanner within cPanel ensures comprehensive protection for your website.

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