As per the migration notice sent earlier, migration has been completed for Windows server. All sites have been pointed to new IPs and are currently loading from new server.

Our New Windows Server DNS:

ns1.netlinkonline.in   (
ns2.netlinkonline.in   (

Connection Strings:

New server is setup with SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition so connection strings using ".SQLExpress" or "localhostSQLExpress" will not work. Connection strings will need to be updated to just localhost. We have mass updated connection strings already but still if any site is generating database errors, please verify the connection string or contact migration department.

If the connection strings were encrypted in web.config, those will need to be re-encrypted on new server.

NOTE: If the sites are not loading at your end and you are Service Unavailable errors, please try clearing your DNS cache as described in following article:


Thank you for your cooperation,

Server Betterment Team

Saturday, December 21, 2013

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