COMPLETED Migration of Windows server

Hello,As per the migration notice sent earlier, migration has been completed for Windows server. All sites have been pointed to new IPs and are currently loading from new server.Our New Windows Server   (   ( Connection Strings:New server is setup with SQL ... Read More »

21st Dec 2013
Global Attack on WordPress Sites

As I write this post, there is an on going and highly distributed, global attack on wordpress installations to crack open admin accounts and inject various malicious scripts. To give you a little history, we recently heard from a major law enforcement agency about a massive attack on US financial institutions originating from our servers. We did ... Read More »

13th Apr 2013
Email Archiving feature

cPanel has introduced Email Archiving feature, now you can store and manage your all emails on webserver including outgoing. The Email Archiving feature allows users to save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list messages for a specified amount of time. The messages are stored under the mail directory in the user's home directory. Each day, a new ... Read More »

5th Nov 2012
Launch of ccAvenue Payment Gatway

You can now pay your Invoice direct Debit Card without Net Banking and off course Net Banking too using our highly anticipated global payment option by ccAvenue.

Please  look more payment options at #

25th Oct 2012
Important Pricing Update

Dear Sir, Due to the consistent increase in the value of the dollar, we have increased the prices on Domain Services. Over the past few weeks, we were able to bear these exchange losses but the current market scenario has left us with no other choice. You can have a look at for the new ... Read More »

1st Dec 2011