320+ scripts 1 click install ( Softaculous )

All tools (320+ of them) are available with any of our Linux hosting plans and can be installed with 1 mouse clicks directly from our cPanel:


1) WordPress from http://wordpress.org/

2) b2evolution from http://b2evolution.net/

3) Nucleus from http://nucleuscms.org/

Content Management (CMS):

1) Drupal from http://drupal.org/

2) Geeklog from http://www.geeklog.net/

3) Joomla from http://www.joomla.org/

4) Mambo from http://www.mambo-foundation.org/

5) PHP-Nuke from http://www.phpnuke.org/

6) phpWCMS from http://www.phpwcms.de/

7) phpWebSite from http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/

8) Post-Nuke from http://www.postnuke.com/

9) Siteframe from http://siteframe.org/

10) TYPO3 from http://www.typo3.com/

11) XOOPS from http://www.xoops.org/

Message Boards:

1) phpBB2 from http://www.phpbb.com/

2) SMF from http://www.simplemachines.org/

Shopping carts:

1) CubeCart from http://www.cubecart.com/

2) ZenCart from http://www.zen-cart.com/

Image Galleries:

1) 4Images Gallery from http://www.4homepages.de/

2) Coppermine Photo Gallery from http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/

3) Gallery from http://gallery.menalto.com/

Customer Relationship:

1) Crafty Syntax from http://www.craftysyntax.com/

2) Help Center Live from http://www.helpcenterlive.com/

3) osTicket from http://www.osticket.com/server/

4) PHP Support Tickets from http://www.phpsupporttickets.com/


1) FAQMasterFlex from http://www.technetguru.net/design/faqmasterflex.php

Mailing List:

1) PHPList from http://www.tincan.co.uk/

Site Builders:

1) Plese Parallels Site Builder http://www.mochahost.com/sitebuilder.php

2) TemplatesExpress

Project Management:

1) dotProject from http://www.dotproject.net/

2) PHProjekt from http://www.phprojekt.com/

3) Web Calendar from http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net/

Polls and Surveyes:

1) Advanced Poll from http://www.proxy2.de/scripts.php

2) phpESP from http://phpesp.sourceforge.net/

3) PHPSurveyor from http://www.phpsurveyor.org/


1) Tiki Wiki from http://www.tikiwiki.org/

2) PhpWiki from http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/


1) Moodle from http://moodle.org/

2) Open-Realty from http://www.open-realty.org/

3) phpAdsnew from http://phpadsnew.com/

4) phpFormGenerator from http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/

5) phpCoin from http://www.phpcoin.com/

CGI Scripts: Guestbook, Clock, Counter, Countdown, CGI email (form email)

Additional scripts and tools can be installed per request

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