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cPanel to cPanel account migration

cPanel to cPanel account migration

Guarantees are made to be damaged…This will sound miserable however it’s typically true relating to doubtful website hosting suppliers. In case you are pissed off with the restrictions and limitation of your present internet hosting setting, you aren’t alone. In case your clients are sometimes greeted with the ‘Error: The web page can’t be displayed’, and you’re re-learning the legal guidelines of gravity of what goes up comes down along with your web site, you is perhaps occupied with a swap. So do you have to preserve shelling dough on your incompetent website hosting or do you have to make a swap? Though, the reply is perhaps a convincing ‘sure’, the complexity which comes with the migration could preserve you from switching your supplier. Fret not, cPanel to cPanel migrations are literally not that troublesome and in reality a lot of the migrations goes mistaken due to poor planning and never bearing in mind elements like disk area availability, knowledge switch velocity, area/account conflicts throughout restoration and so on.

With a correct plan, anybody with fundamental cPanel and system administration expertise can do transfers like a professional! Learn on to know how one can migrate from one cPanel to a different.


1. Make a listing of accounts that must be transferred (Generally you plan to switch all accounts)

2. Package deal these accounts in a cPanel appropriate kind (with or with out house listing – this will depend on the disk area out there)

3. Switch the packages from supply to vacation spot

4. Restore packages at vacation spot. (resolve conflicts if accounts/area exist already at vacation spot)

5. If in case you have skipped house listing on the supply server whereas packaging accounts, sync them to the vacation spot’s house listing.

6. Confirm the success of the switch

7. After verification, decrease the TTL values of all of the domains & swap until the beforehand set TTL reaches expiration.

Notice:- We shall be utilizing the time period ‘supply’ to indicate the server which accommodates the accounts that must be transferred and ‘vacation spot’ to indicate our goal system.

1. Make a listing of accounts.

If you have already got a listing of accounts , copy them in a file (eg:- account-list)

Situation -1 :- You need a listing of accounts owned by a reseller.

A fast and simple solution to discover the usernames and retailer them in a file.

grepresellername /and so on/trueuserowners | reduce -d : -f 1 >userlist

(/and so on/trueuserowner have 2 fields – account and its proprietor, if an account doesn’t belong to any reseller, the proprietor shall be ‘root’ by default)

Situation -2 :- You need a listing of each account hosted on this server.

cat /and so on/trueuserowners | reduce -d: -f1 | grep -v userowners  >userlist


cat /and so on/trueuserdomains | reduce -d: -f2 | >userlist

2. Package deal accounts

/scripts/pkgacct is a script that packages a cpanel account

/scripts/pkgacct [arguments] username vacation spot (vacation spot and arguments are non-obligatory, by default the package deal shall be saved within the house listing)

Situation 1:- You’ve got sufficient disk area out there on the supply. You’ve got just a few accounts to switch. You’ve got loads of time.

fori in `cat userlist` ; do /scripts/pkgacct $i  /backups

This for loop will run the pkgacct script repeatedly for each account within the userlist. The packages shall be saved in /backups listing

Situation 2:- You’ve got very restricted disk area to retailer all of the packages. You’ve got a protracted listing of accounts. You don’t have quite a lot of time.

House listing is the most important client of disk area in a cPanel account. You’ll be able to skip it whereas packaging and switch simply the remaining parts.

fori in `cat userlist` ; do /scripts/pkgacct –skiphomedir $i  /backups

3. Switch accounts

Producing SSH keypairs for passwordless authentication can keep away from frequent password     prompts

To generate key pair (The general public secret’s often saved at /house/localuser/.ssh/id_rsa.pub )


Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):

Enter similar passphrase once more:

Now, we’ll copy the rsa public key to the vacation spot. You may be prompted for the password

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

rsync is the popular instrument used to switch knowledge due to its means to renew knowledge switch in case of any community connectivity points.

rsync -avzP  -e ssh  /backups root@xxx.xx.xx.xx:/root/

If a non customary SSH port (eg:- 2011) is used you may wrap double quotes round ssh -p 2011

rsync -avzP -e “ssh -p 2011” /backups root@xxx.xx.xx.xx:/root/

It will copy the listing /backups utilizing rsync over ssh to the vacation spot.

4. Restore Accounts

cd /root/backups

fori in *.gz ; do /scripts/restorepkg $i ; accomplished

It will use a for loop iteration for restoring packages with file extension .gz, it’s possible you’ll use the /scripts/restorepkg –pressure possibility if in case you have any account conflicts. Solely use it in case you intend to exchange the present account with the package deal you transferred.

5. Sync house directories

This step is for individuals who skipped house listing throughout the account packaging.

Now, I would like working this within the background, contemplating the quantity of knowledge that must be transferred, it could take quite a lot of time to sync and switch knowledge. There’s a great utility referred to as ‘display’ which

To start out a brand new display session, run display with the next command:

$ display -S session_name  

Then run the rsync command

rsync -avzP  -e ssh /house/  root@xxx.xx.xx.xx:/house/

(Please observe the trailing slash given after /house/ , this copies all information/dirs below /house to the vacation spot listing. In the event you omit ‘/’ , you may be copying /house recursively to the vacation spot and you find yourself having a house listing inside a house listing   — /house/house   which isn’t what we intend to do)

Safely exit the display session through the use of the important thing mixture CTRL + a + d

You will note a message like this:-

[detached from 27724.session_name]

Now, you may log off out of your present shell session and the rsync course of shall be nonetheless working within the background with none interruption. You’ll be able to test the progress from any location. Simply login to the server by way of SSH once more.

To listing the screens working,

display -ls

There’s a display on:

27724.session_name      (10/19/2015 11:54:47 AM)    (Indifferent)

1 Socket in /var/run/display/S-username.

To reattach the display

display -r session_name   (or display -r 27724.session_name)

Verify the progress, upon getting confirmed that the copy course of is accomplished, you may exit the display session utilizing the important thing mixture CTRL +d

[screen is terminating]

6. Confirm the integrity of the info and test the disk utilization of accounts at each servers to verify we didn’t depart something.

7. Decreasing the TTL worth to beat DNS propagation delay.

Migrations are adopted by DNS adjustments. If in case you have entry to the authoritative nameservers of your hosted domains, you may be pointing the transferred domains to a brand new location. This entails altering the Tackle (A) report and the mail exchanger(MX) data. Decreasing the TTL worth and ready for the outdated TTL interval to make the swap minimizes the issues of DNS propagation delays to an incredible extent. We have now described this intimately in one other article

(Tweaking the TTL to cut back downtime after an internet site migration)

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