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Here comes the WordPress Desktop Apps!

WordPress has a desktop app!

A desktop app that gives WordPress a permanent home in your taskbar.

The currently supported platforms are: OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. You can download them here:

How to have it available for you:

  • You need a supported device (listed above).
  • You need to have a login OR, if you build websites on your own server, you need number three.
  • Install the WordPress plugin “JetPack” made by Automatic, so you can “connect” your sites through their API.

WordPress Desktop Apps





Why to have it available for you?

You will be able to see in one centralized application the following:

  • All your connected sites statistics.
  • Blog entries, write and edit posts and pages.
  • Edit (in some basic level) Themes.
  • Install plugins.
  • Update plugins.
  • You can read all articles of the sites you follow in

How to use it?

  • Click on the link before, download the app, and you can install is as any other app, by dragging the icon to the Apps folder.
  • Setup your site or any of your own server sites, remember to install jetpack before, and even if you don’t like jetpack, just disable all the things you don’t want to use in Jetpack.
  • Once you setup your first site, it will sync with your account and bring all data, and it will show you a blue bar on top, with “All your sites”, “The reader”, your icon/account, your notification icon, and then, a big “Pencil” to tell you that is the icon you need to press if you want to write.
  • Then you will need to navigate to the site you want to go by clicking the first “My sites” link, you will see the list of sites you have synced.
  • Once you click on one of them, it takes you to a screen that functions pretty much your WordPress dashboard.

There you can do pretty much everything without the need of going to the browser.

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