How to Use Schedule Task in DotNetPanel to Execute a URL

How to Use Schedule Task in DotNetPanel to Execute a URL

This text will present you step-by-step find out how to add a scheduled job in DotNetPanel to execute a URL at particular time or at specified intervals of time. This URL generally is a full web site handle pointing to any web page.

Step 1. Login into your management panel. Click on on Scheduled Duties

Step 2. This can open the Scheduled Duties web page. Right here, click on on Add Scheduled Process
Step 3. Now you might be on the Scheduled Process Properties web page the place you can also make configurations. On this web page, first present a reputation to your job. Then, choose “Examine Net Web site Availability” from the drop down menu of “Process Sort”. After altering “Process Sort”, the web page will refresh and repaint the opposite inputs.

Enter the entire URL of your file within the following format:

The file or web page might be uploaded or altered later.

The recordsdata (like html, asp, aspx. Php and so forth) that may be browsed with a browser can be utilized right here with its COMPLETE URL. For instance, in case your area identify is and your file (myfile.aspx) is positioned below wwwroot/myschedule/ then the COMPLETE URL for this file shall be as under:

Step 4. Lastly, it is advisable present a scheduled time to execute this URL. Chances are you’ll execute your URL on any one among following foundation:
a. Every day
b. Weekly
c. Month-to-month
d. As soon as (Single time execution)
e. Interval foundation (Hour / Minute)


Choose the required execution interval and supply an execution time. Then click on the Save button. Your scheduled job is now able to execute on the offered timetable.

Famous: There are a couple of different inputs on this configuration web page, however they don’t seem to be associated to our requirement.

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