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cPanel Horde Data Conversion from MySQL to SQLite

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The horde_mysqltosqlite script in cPanel is used to switch and convert Horde consumer knowledge from a single shared MySQL database to one-per-cPanel-user SQLite databases. This script runs if you improve your cPanel & WHM Model from 11.48 to 11.50. If the system experiences any subject in the course of the conversion course of, it sends a notification to the consumer, saying that “You added in WHM’s Primary Webhost Supervisor Setup interface”. You may entry the above Setup by following these steps:

  1. Log in to WHM as a root consumer.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Server Configuration’ part.
  3. Choose the ‘Primary WebHost Supervisor’ Setup.

The horde_mysqltosqlite script runs the Horde database conversion within the following order:

  1. Firstly, the script creates a backup of the Horde MySQL database. If the backup exists, then it’s skipped. At all times be certain that to retain this backup till you confirm that the script efficiently transformed the Horde consumer knowledge.
  2. The script then checks for any Horde MySQL database schema issues and repairs it.
  3. Then the script converts the Horde MySQL single shared database to one-per-cPanel-user SQLite databases.
  4. After the profitable conversion of the database, the script removes the Horde MySQL database.

The basis consumer can solely execute the horde_mysqltosqlite script, they usually can use the next codecs for the specified actions.

1) Convert All of the Customers

Log in to your server as root consumer and run the under command to transform all of the horde customers from the MySQL database to the SQLite database.

$ /usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite

2) Convert a Single Consumer

Run the under command as root consumer out of your server to transform a single consumer from the MySQL database to the SQLite database.

$ /usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite –consumer [user]

3) Convert A number of Customers

If you wish to convert a number of customers from MySQL database to SQLite database, then you may run the under command. You may point out a number of consumer IDs with house in between them in order that this command converts the talked about consumer’s knowledge from MySQL to SQLite.

$ /usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite --user [user1] [user2] [user3]

A few of the exhaustive argument used together with the horde_mysqltosqlite script is the next:

–consumerTo specify the customers to transform.
–force-backupTo overwrite the MySQL database backup if it exists.
–no-backupTo skip the MySQL database backup throughout conversion
–no-convertRun the script with out the conversion course of.
–no-fix-schemaTo skip the MySQL database schema restore operate
–no-dropTo skip the MySQL database elimination
–force-dropForcefully take away the MySQL database. Solely use this flag after you exchange all Horde consumer knowledge.
–replace-dest-dbChoice to maneuver the present SQLite database and create a brand new one.
–verboseTo generate extra output particulars

The SQLite Horde Database and The ~/.cphorde Listing

In cPanel and WHM model 11.50 and later, below the accounts residence listing, every cPanel account acquires its personal .cphorde listing. The .cphore listing contains the next gadgets:

Horde.sqliteSQLite databaseThis database comprises the Horde knowledge for all of the cPanel accounts.
metaListingThis listing is utilized by the backup companies to create the Horde database backups.
vfsrootListingThe /usr/native/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php file makes use of this listing for the vfsroot setting.

Troubleshoot Horde Knowledge Conversion from MySQL to SQLite

The usual-issue occurred in the course of the Horde knowledge conversion from MySQL to SQLite are:

Horde Database Backup Already Exists

Whereas changing the Horde knowledge from MySQL to SQLite, the system throws an error saying that the Horde database backup already exists. The entry of the identical is made within the logs as proven within the under snippet:

Horde data conversion

We are able to resolve this downside by checking the integrity of the backup. You may observe the under step for a similar.

1) Verify if the present backup is legitimate by operating the next command, or you may manually verify the identical from “/var/cpanel/horde/horde.backup.sql.last” file.

$ awk ‘/cPanel dump:/d++ENDprintf(“%s bavkupn”,d==2?"good":"unhealthy”)’ /var/cpanel/horde/horde.backup.sql.last

2) After validation, you may run the horde_mysqltosqlite script with the no backup choice.

$ /usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite --no-backup

3) If you would like a recent backup and don’t wish to use the present one. Then you may transfer the backup file after which run the “/usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite” script. You may transfer the present backup utilizing the under command.

$ mv -v /var/cpanel/hore/horde.backup.sql.last,.bakdate +%s

MySQL Horde Database Schema Fixer Failed

Whereas changing the Horde database, there’s a step to repair all of the MySQL Horde database schema points. If the Horde schema fixer step fails then you may see the under entry within the log:

BEGIN ERROR: Failed the following assertion with error:

In the event you obtain this error within the log, then the conversion script just isn’t in a position to confirm and restore the schema of the MySQL Horde database.

If you wish to full the conversion course of with out the schema restore, then you may run the horde_mysqltosqlite script with the no schema repair choice.

 $ /usr/native/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite --no-fix-schema

Horde SQLite Database Troubleshooting

In the event you delete a cPanel account’s Horde SQLite database, then you definitely lose the entire account’s calendar and get in touch with info. A few of the widespread issues in Horde SQLite database are:

1) Reset the Horde Database Password

The SQLite database depends on filesystem permissions and never a password for entry management. So, this motion can’t be carried out.

2) Create a Lacking Database for a cPanel Consumer

If you wish to create a lacking database for a cPanel consumer, then you may run the under command:

# /usr/native/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config --user=<username>

If you wish to create or replace the tables within the lacking listing then you’ll want to run the under command:

# /usr/native/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config --user=<username>  --full

3) Creating Lacking Database for All cPanel Customers on the System

If you wish to create a lacking database for all cPanel consumer, then you may run the under command:

# /usr/native/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config

If you wish to create or replace the tables within the lacking listing then you’ll want to run the under command:

# /usr/native/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config --full

So, that is how one can convert MySQL to SQLite in Horde. You probably have any questions concerning this tutorial or the method, please tell us within the remark part given under.

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