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Manage Email Accounts in DirectAdmin

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On this doc, we are able to test tips on how to handle e mail accounts from Direct Admin.

1) Login to your direct admin panel.

2) Click on ‘E-Mail Accounts’ button from ‘E-Mail Administration’.

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3) Click on on  ‘Create mail account’.imagebb2 WebHostingPeople

4) Enter the brand new e mail account’s particulars and click on ‘Create’ button.

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5) Now new e mail account has been created.

6) If you wish to delete any e mail account, choose the corresponding e mail account and click on ‘Delete’ button.

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7) Identical means you may ‘Droop’ or ‘Unsuspend’ the e-mail accounts by clicking the corresponding buttons.

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1) To create forwarders, click on the button ‘Forwarders’ from ‘E-Mail Administration’.

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2) Click on the button ‘Create new E-Mail Forwarder’.

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3) Enter the main points and click on ‘Create’ button.

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4) New forwarder has been created.

5) If you wish to delete the forwarder, choose the corresponding forwarder and click on the button ‘Delete Chosen’.

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That’s how we are able to handle e mail accounts from DirectAdmin.

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