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cPanel/WHM – WHMCS Integration

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cPanel/WHM – WHMCS Integration

cPanel is essentially the most extensively used management panel on the planet, offering a user-friendly interface to manage websites and settings easily. If you are starting a hosting business, it would be beneficial to integrate your cPanel server with WHMCS, enabling you to automate every task effortlessly. With WHMCS, you can automate bill generation, payment reminders, and all other billing areas with just a few clicks. When integrated with your cPanel server, you can automate tasks such as creating or suspending cPanel accounts. The main features of cPanel-WHMCS integration include:

1) Creation of cPanel hosting accounts

2) Suspending/unsuspending cPanel hosting accounts

3) Terminating cPanel hosting accounts

4) Changing hosting packages

5) Updating passwords

6) Usage updates

7) User area links

Now let’s take a look at the steps to integrate cPanel/WHM with WHMCS:

1) The first step is to add a cPanel server in WHMCS for cPanel products. To do this, log in to WHMCS as an admin user and go to ‘Setup > Products/Services > Servers’ and click on ‘Add New Server’.

Cpanel Integration


Enter the server name, IP address, and select the server type as ‘cPanel’ on the new interface. Also, enter the WHM username in the username field and the password in the password field.

2) If you prefer not to use a password, you can authenticate the cPanel server through an API key. To generate the API key, log in to WHM and go to Development >> Manage API Tokens.

Whmcs Integration


Click on the ‘Generate Token’ button, enter a name for the token on the new interface, and click save. This will generate an API token. Copy the API token.

3) Return to the WHMCS server configuration page and paste the key into the field. Then check the SSL mode checkbox. By clicking on the ‘Test Connection’ button, you can verify the server connection. If a successful message is displayed, everything is working fine.

Cpanel Integration


Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to complete the process.


If you have any further queries or need assistance, please contact our support team via Live Chat or support tickets.


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