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How to Increase the Upload Size of MySQL Database in PhpMyAdmin on a cPanel Server?

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Discover methods to Improve the Add Measurement of MySQL Database in PhpMyAdmin on a cPanel Server?

The cPanel server enforces a limitation for the database that can be uploaded into PhpMyAdmin. The default limitation is limited to 50MB. On this situation, it will be extremely challenging to upload a large database to PhpMyAdmin. To address this, we can increase the upload capacity of the database file in PhpMyAdmin. For this, you will need to modify certain values in the WHM of your server. In this tutorial, let’s see how we can enhance the import file size in PhpMyAdmin.

1) Log in to the WHM of your server by accessing the link https://yourIPaddress:2087 or https://yourserverhostname:2087

2) Go to “Server Configuration”.

Increase Upload Size

3) Select “Tweak Settings” from it.

Increase Upload Size

4) Navigate to PHP in Tweak settings.

Increase Upload Size

Here you can observe cPanel max POST size and cPanel max upload size values, modify the values according to your preference and save it. Now log in to your PhpMyAdmin and verify the values, where you can see the value will be replaced with the modified one.

You can perform the same procedure via the CLI as well.

1) Log in to your server via SSH.

# ssh root@IPaddress

2) Execute the following command, which will display the default PHP ini file of your server.

# php –ini

3) Open it with your favorite text editor.

# vi path_to_php.ini (Replace this with the original file path)

4) Search for the upload and post. There you can find entries like the following.

upload_max_filesize =  M

post_max_size =  M

Modify both the values with your preferred value.

5) Finally, restart the apache service.

# service httpd restart    or

# systemctl restart httpd

Thus we have learned how to increase the upload size in PhpMyAdmin.

If you have any doubt regarding this, please do contact our support department via Live chat or support ticket.

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