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How to Increase the Upload Size of MySQL Database in PhpMyAdmin on a cPanel Server?

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Learn how to Improve the Add Measurement of MySQL Database in PhpMyAdmin on a cPanel Server?

The cPanel server imposes a restrict for the database which might be uploaded into PhpMyAdmin. The default restrict is proscribed to 50MB. On this case, it is going to be very troublesome to add a big database to PhpMyAdmin. To cowl this up we are able to enhance the add measurement of the database file within the PhpMyAdmin. For this, you’ll have to change some values within the WHM of your server. On this tutorial, let’s take a look at how we are able to enhance the import file measurement in PhpMyAdmin.

1) Login to the WHM of your server by accessing the hyperlink https://yourIPaddress:2087 or https://yourserverhostname:2087

2) Navigate to “Server Configuration”.

Increase Upload Size


3) Choose “Tweak Settings” from it.

Increase Upload Size


4) Navigate to PHP in Tweak settings.

Increase Upload Size


Right here you’ll be able to see cPanel max POST measurement and cPanel max add measurement values, change the values in accordance with your most well-liked and put it aside. Now login to your PhpMyAdmin and confirm the values, there you’ll be able to see the worth might be changed with the modified one.

You may carry out the identical process through the CLI additionally.

1) Login to your server through SSH.

# ssh root@IPaddress

2) Execute the next command, which is able to show the default PHP ini file of your server.

# php –ini

3) Open it along with your favourite textual content editor.

# vi path_to_php.ini (Substitute this with the unique file path)

4) Seek for the add and put up. There you’ll be able to see entries like the next.

upload_max_filesize =  M

post_max_size =  M

Change each the values along with your most well-liked worth.

5) Lastly, restart the apache service.

# service httpd restart    or

# systemctl restart httpd

Thus now we have discovered methods to enhance the add measurement in PhpMyAdmin.


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