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How to Overcome FTP Max Connection from a Single IP in WHM/cPanel?

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WHM/cPanel offers two types of FTP servers, namely Pure-FTPD and ProFTPD. By default, Pure FTPD is the designated FTP server. If your FTP client is employing more than eight connections simultaneously from a single IP, you will encounter an error message similar to this: “421 Too many connections”. In this tutorial, we will discuss two methods to overcome this error.


First approach

In the first method, we will resolve the aforementioned error by adjusting WHM’s simultaneous maximum connection settings. Please follow these steps:

1) Log in to WHM.

2) Search for FTP in the search bar and then select “FTP Server Configuration”.

Ftp Maximum Connections


3) As shown in the screenshot, the “Maximum Connections Per IP” is currently set to eight. You can increase the value and click on “Save”.

Ftp Maximum Connections



Second approach

We can terminate the idle connections in cPanel. Please follow the steps below:

1) Log in to cPanel.

2) Search for FTP in the search bar and select “FTP Connections”.

Ftp Maximum Connections, Single Ip


3) Here, you can view the current FTP connections. You can choose any connection and terminate it by clicking on “Disconnect” under actions.

Ftp Maximum Connections


4) Continue disconnecting the connections to prevent the error.


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