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Managing Suspended Accounts in WHM

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As a server administrator, there might be circumstances where you need to suspend a cPanel account. Maybe due to a delay in payment, DMCA complaints, etc., can lead to suspending a cPanel account. This can be done from the administrative section of the cPanel, the Web Host Manager (WHM).

In some cases, the suspended accounts may be marked as red when listing all accounts in cPanel. The WHM also allows us to view a complete list of the suspended cPanel accounts. In this documentation, we will explore how to list the suspended accounts from WHM.


Steps to Manage Suspended Accounts

Step 1: Access WHM

The first step is to access WHM. You can access WHM by appending its port to the server hostname or IP address. An example is given below.


It is recommended to use the username “root” and the root password to log in as the root user. Alternatively, you can use the reseller username and reseller password to log in as a reseller account. In this case, you may not be able to see all the accounts on the server, but only the accounts owned by you.


Step 2: Navigate to the Suspended Accounts List

Now you need to go to the “Suspended Accounts List” under the “Account Information” section. Attached below are some screenshots that may be helpful for better understanding.

Manage Suspended Accounts


Manage Suspended Accounts


You can also use the search box available in the top left corner of the WHM. You can search for “Suspended Accounts List” and it will display the matching results. Clicking on the above option will show the complete list of suspended accounts.

You can unsuspend or terminate the cPanel account permanently from the server from the next page. Please note that terminating a cPanel account will result in losing all data associated with that account, including any databases, emails, etc.

Manage Suspended Accounts


This is how to administer suspended accounts in WHM.


If you need any further assistance, please reach out to our support department.



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