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Migrate cPanel Account from cPanel to CWP

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CentOS Internet Panel is a open supply webhosting management panel that is free to use. Currently, we do not offer support for CWP, but you can install CWP directly onto your Linux VPS server. In this tutorial, we will show you how to migrate a cPanel account to a CWP server.


Make cPanel backup

1) Access cPanel >> Files >> Backup >> Download a full account Backup.

Cpanel To Cwp


2) You can choose the backup destination to be your CWP server by using SCP.

Cpanel To Cwp


3) Input the details of the remote server.

Cpanel Account


Remote Server: Enter your CWP server IP.

Remote user: root

Remote password: Enter root password of the CWP server.

Port: enter your CWP server’s SSH port number.


4) Then, click on ” Generate Backup”.

5) The cPanel account backup will be downloaded to your /root directory in CWP server and the backup file will look like the following format.


6) Rename the backup file to the following format.


7) Login to server via SSH as a root user and move the backup file to /home directory.

# mv /root/backup-12.28.2018_05-31-51_test_user.tar.gz  /home/cpmove-test_user.tar.gz



1) Login to CWP and go to User Accounts >> cPanel Migration

2) Then, select backup file and click on “Import” to initiate the recovery process.

Cpanel To Cwp


Once it is completed, you will receive a message saying “Migration has been successfully completed”


If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support department.


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