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Modify cPanel & WHM News

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The cPanel provides an option to display customized messages on the cPanel/WHM interface.

Customized messages can be added on cPanel, reseller WHM, and others. Follow the steps below to add custom messages.

1) Access the WHM.

You can reach the WHM using a web browser. Enter the IP address or hostname of the server followed by a colon and port number such as http://hostname:2086. If you need to access the WHM secured URL, enter the following in the address bar of the web browser: https://hostname:2087. The only difference here is the port number. Please note, access the WHM, cPanel, or Webmail accounts via SSL connection (Secured connection) to enable external authentication.

2) Go to Home >> cPanel.

Cpanel Whm News

You will be redirected to the next page where you can find options to change log, customization, manage plugins, and upgrade to the latest version.

3) Go to Modify cPanel & WHM Updates.

Cpanel Whm News

There are four text boxes that can be used for various purposes.

First box: The first box can be utilized to add the message for cPanel users to see.

Second box: This box is used for adding messages for resellers to see on their WHM interface.

Third box: This box can be used to enter a message that you want for client accounts that you do not own to see in their cPanel interfaces. Resellers who own their own accounts and resellers’ customers will see this message.

Fourth box: You can enter a message that you want for users and accounts that you own to see in their cPanel interfaces. Resellers who own their accounts and resellers’ subordinate users will not see this message.

This can be viewed in the screenshot given below.

Cpanel Whm News

This is an example of global cPanel updates, displayed on all the cPanel dashboard interfaces. However, you may use other boxes for different interfaces as mentioned above.

This is how we can add cPanel & WHM updates from WHM.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our support department.

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