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PageSpeed on cPanel Server

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PageSpeed (mod_pagespeed) is a module for Apache internet server, to hurry up our web sites on the server. PageSpeed module will pace up your web sites by making use of filters to information in an effort to cut back the variety of requests from browsers to our server. It additionally reduces the scale of the information and for optimizing the requests the information will probably be cached. The one draw back of PageSpeed module is that typically it makes use of way more sources on servers. Let’s talk about a number of the advantages of PageSpeed modules in brief:

1) Computerized web site and asset optimization

2) Newest internet optimization methods

3) Free, open-source, and continuously up to date

4) Deployed by particular person websites, internet hosting suppliers, CDNs

The PageSpeed module wants the mod_deflate module, you’ll be able to test is that this module put in in your server by working following command

# apachectl -M | grep deflate

Let’s see the steps on the best way to set up PageSpeed module on a cPanel server.

1) Login to your server through SSH as root consumer, and create a brand new yum repository on ‘/and so on/yum.repos.d/’ folder by executing following instructions.

# vi /and so on/yum.repos.d/mod-pagespeed.repo

Add following strains there,

For 32 bit system:






For 64 bit system:






2) Set up mod_pagespeed module by executing following instructions on the server.

# yum –enablerepo=mod-pagespeed set up mod-pagespeed

As soon as the set up completes, following information/directories will probably be there on the server.

/and so on/cron.every day/mod-pagespeed : This can frequently test for updates and set up if they’re out there.

/and so on/httpd/conf.d/pagespeed.conf : Fundamental configuration file

/usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_pagespeed.so : mod_pagespeed module for Apache

/var/www/mod_pagespeed/cache : File caching listing for the web sites

Please notice that you’d want to incorporate this module on Apache configuration to allow this server vast.

3) To confirm the mod_pagespeed module, create a php data web page on any of the domains and you may see ‘X-Mod-Pagespeed’ part on the HTTP header.

4) To disable the mod_pagespeed, add the next line on the prime of ‘/and so on/httpd/conf.d/pagespeed.conf’ file.

ModPagespeed off

To allow it once more, alter the above line as follows on pagespeed configuration file on the server.

ModPagespeed on

 If you happen to want any additional help please contact our assist division.

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