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Access denied for user da_admin – MySQL error in DirectAdmin

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Generally we’ll get the next MySQL errors in DirectAdmin.

Error connecting to MySQL: Entry denied for consumer: ‘da_admin@webhostingpeople.net’ (Utilizing password: YES)


Please observe the steps given under to repair this situation.

1) Please guarantee that the MySQL root password is right. If you already know the password, observe the second step.

a) Yow will discover out the MySQL root password within the following file.



b) If you’re not capable of finding out the password, it is advisable to restart the MySQL utilizing the choice ‘skip-grant-tables’.

/and so on/init.d/mysqld cease

mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables &

After this it is possible for you to to entry MySQL with out root password.


c) As soon as you’ll be able to entry MySQL command immediate, run the next instructions to reset the MySQL root password.

use mysql

UPDATE consumer SET password=PASSWORD(’newpass’) WHERE consumer=’root’;


Give up


d) Shutdown and begin the MySQL.

killall -9 mysqld_safe

killall -9 mysqld

/and so on/init.d/mysqld begin


2) We are able to now reset password of da_admin MySQL consumer.

a) Sort the next command.

mysql -uroot –p

b) Enter the MySQL root password.

c) Run the next instructions in MySQL immediate.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO da_admin@webhostingpeople.net IDENTIFIED BY ‘daadminpass’ WITH GRANT OPTION;



That can set the password for da_admin in MySQL.


3) We want to ensure it’s setup appropriately for DA to make use of.  Edit the MySQL configuration file and enter the brand new da-admin password.





That can repair the problems and it is possible for you to to entry DirectAdmin once more.


When you want any additional assist please attain our assist division.



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