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DirectAdmin dead but subsys locked Error

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On this tutorial, we are able to test easy methods to repair “DirectAdmin useless however subsys locked” error.


DirectAdmin is a web-based internet hosting management panel designed to make administration simpler. DirectAdmin is suitable with the continuously evolving website hosting environments. DirectAdmin is usually known as DA for brief. DirectAdmin runs on any system with minimal configurations. DirectAdmin makes use of port 2222 by default.

Verify DA standing

This can provide help to to know whether or not your DirectAdmin is presently working or not. You possibly can test the present standing of your DirectAdmin by performing the beneath command. You should be logged in as root person to carry out this. Run the beneath command in your terminal.

# service directadmin standing


Useless however subsys locked

In case you get the standing ‘directadmin useless however subsys locked’, which means that DirectAdmin just isn’t presently working in your server, however the ‘pid’ file is current. PID refers back to the course of identification quantity. Each course of in a system is outlined a novel id with which they are often recognized. You won’t be able to entry your DirectAdmin management panel if you happen to get this standing message. It is a massive drawback as it’s possible you’ll not be capable of handle your server till you regain entry to the management panel. To regain entry to your management panel, you should restart the DirectAdmin service. On this state of affairs, the restarting course of could also be a bit tough. However I can information you to make your DirectAdmin service run once more. Thus, you’ll regain entry to your DirectAdmin management panel.

Learn how to repair it?

Be sure that DirectAdmin is useless

Earlier than restarting the service, you should make it possible for DirectAdmin is useless. You possibly can test this by the ‘ps’ command. The ps command is used to supply details about the presently working processes, together with their course of identification numbers (PIDs). The ps command shows all the present working processes. To print solely the data of DirectAdmin within the outcome, we are able to use ‘grep’. It is a very helpful sample matching instrument utilized in all unix/linux primarily based programs. You should be logged in as root person to carry out this.

# ps -aux | grep directadmin

instance output

root     22755  0.0  0.0   6444   692 pts/0    S+   06:51   0:00 grep directadmin

If this command shows a ‘grep’ line, then its okay. This explains that presently there isn’t any DirectAdmin processes working in your system. You possibly can verify DirectAdmin is basically useless now.


Kill the method

If the above command shows any strains aside from the ‘grep’ line, which means that DirectAdmin course of are current within the system. These processes haven’t any impact because the DirectAdmin service is presently inactive. However it’ll block the beginning/restart operations on DirectAdmin service. To restart your DirectAdmin service you should kill these processes through the use of their course of id. The kill command will kill a course of utilizing the kill sign and PID given by the person. You’re going to get the method id from the output of ps command. To kill a course of, you should use ‘kill’ command with the method id.


# kill <pid>

the place <pid> is the quantity displayed within the second column of the ps output.


Power kill

After performing the above methodology do the ps line once more. That is to verify that each one the DirectAdmin course of are useless by now.

# ps waux | grep directadmin

If the output nonetheless reveals any line aside from the ‘grep’ line, then you should drive kill all the prevailing course of with course of id. There are two methods in unix/linux primarily based programs to drive kill a course of utilizing pid.


# kill -9 <pid>


# kill -SIGKILL <pid>

kill all the prevailing DirectAdmin processes utilizing anyone methodology.


Take away pid file

A Pid-File is a file containing the method identification quantity (pid) that’s saved in a well-defined location of the filesystem thus permitting different packages to seek out out the pid of a working script.  As soon as all situations of DirectAdmin are stopped, see if there’s a file at /var/run/directadmin.pid . In case you discover this file, then take away it utilizing ‘rm’ command.

 # rm /var/run/directadmin.pid

Restart DirectAdmin

Then restart DirectAdmin service. You possibly can restart DirectAdmin service through the use of

# service directadmin restart

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