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Directory Structure of DirectAdmin Explained

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About Management Panels

A website hosting management panel is a web-based interface that permits administrator to handle the web sites simply, and additionally it is very useful for patrons to simply handle their server even with none technical information. There are such a lot of sort of management panels can be found, similar to:

1) DirectAdmin

2) cPanel

3) Plesk

4) Webmin


Listing Construction

The group of recordsdata right into a hierarchy of folders is named the listing construction. The listing buildings is modeled after the hierarchical tree mannequin. Let’s take a better take a look at the DirectAdmin listing construction intimately.



/and many others/httpd              – Apache

/and many others/httpd/conf/         – Configuration recordsdata are saved on this listing

/and many others/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/    – SSL certificates are saved right here

/and many others/httpd/conf/ssl.key/   – SSL certificates key saved right here

/and many others/httpd/conf/further/    – Accommodates digital hosts

/var/log/httpd/          – Apache log

/usr/native/and many others/rc.d/httpd begin/cease   – For Apache begin or cease



/usr/native/directadmin              – DirectAdmin Set up listing

/usr/native/directadmin/scripts/        – Accommodates scripts

/var/log/directadmin/               – DirectAdmin log

/usr/native/directadmin/custombuilds   – Accommodates construct scripts

/usr/native/directadmin/knowledge/templates  – DirectAdmin templates



/var/spool/digital/              – Mail listing

/and many others/digital                    – Electronic mail digital

/and many others/exim.conf                 – Configuration file

/var/log/exim/                 – Exim log

/and many others/digital/acrilicos.com         – Area particular mail settings

/and many others/digital/acrilicos.com/aliases   – Electronic mail aliases

/and many others/digital/acrilicos.com/quota    – Electronic mail quota

/and many others/digital/acrilicos.com/passwd   – Electronic mail password

/usr/native/and many others/rc.d/exim begin/cease  – For Exim begin or cease



/var/named/and many others/namedb/named.conf  – Configuration file

/var/named                      – BIND listing

/and many others/namedb/area.db            – Database recordsdata

/usr/native/and many others/rc.d/named begin/cease   – For DNS begin or cease



/usr/native/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf   – MySQL password saved right here

/and many others/my.cnf                         – Configuration file

/usr/native/mysql/knowledge/                – Database path

/var/lib/mysql/                      – MySQL log

/usr/native/and many others/rc.d/mysqld begin/cease     – MySQL begin or cease



/and many others/proftpd.conf                 – FTP configuration file

/and many others/proftpd.passwd               – FTP password

/and many others/proftpd.vhosts.conf            – FTP digital hosts

/var/log/proftpd/                  – FTP log

/usr/native/and many others/rc.d/proftpd begin/cease  – FTP begin or cease



/and many others/ssh/sshd_conf      – SSHD configuration file

/var/log/messages      – Log

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