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Migrate accounts from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin

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Migrate accounts from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is a web-hosting management panel with Graphical interface for managing web sites on a server. It’s just like cPanel, that permits you to administer your web sites and server broad adjustments simply and its use port 2222. You possibly can handle limitless web sites, e-mail accounts, and many others. And in addition, the DirectAdmin panel has numerous options like on cPanel.

As everyone knows how we will migrate web site between cPanel server, on this tutorial we’ll clarify about how we will migrate accounts from a DirectAdmin panel to a different DirectAdmin panel. This may be achieved by the next steps given beneath. Right here we have now two servers, server A and server B. Server A as supply server and B as vacation spot server.

Let’s talk about the migration steps between DirectAdmin panels:

1) Login to server A by way of SSH as root person and edit the road “skip_domains_in_backups=1” within the “directadmin. conf” file positioned at “/usr/native/directadmin/conf/” listing. If the road doesn’t exist add it as above and save the file. This modification within the configuration file will keep away from the copying of Residence listing whereas taking the backups via the DirectAdmin panel. We are able to examine the worth of the above directive by executing beneath command.

# grep skip_domains_in_backups /usr/native/directadmin/conf/directadmin. conf

2) After making the adjustments in server A then entry it’s DirectAdmin panel and click on on “Admin Backup/Switch” beneath “Admin instruments”. Choose the customers you’ll want to migrate from the left listing beneath “Who” after which choose “now” to take the backup instantly. By default, at the moment generated backups are saved on the server A on the location “/house/admin/admin_backups”. Then choose “All Knowledge” to repeat all the info, equivalent to Domains listing, Subdomains listing, FTP accounts, Electronic mail Knowledge, and many others. After which click on on the “submit” button.

Migrate Accounts From Directadmin To Directadmin

3) After the backup technology accomplished on server A then we have to copy the backups to server B through the use of “rsync” command in a display screen. The beneath command will copy the backup to server B into the situation “/house/admin/admin_backups”.

# rsync -avz –progress -e ssh /house/admin/admin_backups/ root@destination_server_ip:/house/admin/admin_backups/

Exchange ‘destination_server_ip’ with the server B IP tackle.

4) An entry DirectAdmin panel of server B. Then choose “Admin Backup/Switch” beneath “Admin instruments”. Then choose the backup information positioned at “/house/admin/admin_backups” and click on on “Submit”.

5) When the restoration completes on server B, we have to sync the contents of house folders by executing “rsync” command on the server A like beneath.

# rsync -avz –progress -e ssh /house/ root@destination_server_ip: /house/

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