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How to backup a MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin

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Within this documentation, you can discover how to create a backup of a MySQL database utilizing phpMyAdmin.

1) Begin by logging into cPanel.

2) Locate the ‘PhpMyAdmin’ option within the ‘Databases’ section and select it.

Backup Mysql

3) From the dropdown menu, choose the desired database you wish to backup.

Backup Mysql

4) Proceed to the ‘Export’ tab and click on it.

Backup Mysql

5) Select the desired ‘Export Method’.

Backup Mysql

6) Choose the appropriate ‘Format’ from the dropdown menu.

Backup Mysql

7) To proceed, click the ‘Go’ button.

Backup Mysql

8) The database will then be downloaded to your local machine.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully backup your MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin.

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