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Migration from 1&1 to WebHostingPeople

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Migration from 1&1 to WebHostingPeople

To manage your websites with ease, WebHostingPeople offers a user-friendly cPanel control panel. With this control panel, you can effortlessly host and manage multiple domains and email accounts. The migration process from cPanel to cPanel is simple. However, when it comes to migrating from 1&1 to cPanel, it can be a bit more challenging. But don’t worry! Our team of Sys Admins will handle the migration process for you. All you need to do is back up your website from 1&1 and upload it to your WebHostingPeople account.

Since 1&1 does not provide cPanel access to its customers, migrating from 1&1 to cPanel can be more difficult. However, if you have set up automatic backup generation on 1&1’s control panel, they will likely store your website backup in their online storage. In this case, you can download the most recent backup from their control panel and upload it to your WebHostingPeople account.

If automatic backup generation is not set up on 1&1’s control panel, I recommend taking individual backups of your website data files and MySQL database on your local machine. You can use an FTP client like FileZilla to back up your website files to your local system. For instructions on transferring files between your hosting and local system using FileZilla, please refer to our Knowledge Base at

Once you have stored the website data backup on your local system, the next step is to back up the MySQL database from 1&1. Since many websites rely on databases, it is necessary to upload the database backup to ensure a complete migration. In this case, you can take a full MySQL backup through phpMyAdmin.

Follow these steps to back up your MySQL database on 1&1:
1) Log in to the 1&1 Control panel and navigate to MySQL Database under My Products in the left side menu.
2) Click the “Open” link in the phpMyAdmin column for the desired database.
3) Select the Database Name at the top left of the phpMyAdmin window from the Current Server drop-down menu. Then, go to the “Export” tab, choose the “Quick” option, select “SQL” from the Format drop-down menu, and click the “Go” button to generate the database backup.

Upload the Backup to WebHostingPeople

Once the backup generation is complete, compress all the folders into a single zip folder for easy uploading to your WebHostingPeople account. Afterward, upload this backup zip file to your WebHostingPeople cPanel account using either cPanel’s File Manager feature or an FTP client like FileZilla. For instructions on transferring files using FileZilla to your WebHostingPeople account, please refer to our Knowledge Base at

Once the upload is complete, open a support ticket to request the restoration of the backup file. Our support team will handle the restoration process for you. You can open a ticket from your Client Portal at >> Support >> Open New Ticket. If you only need to restore a specific domain, please clearly mention that scenario in your ticket. Our support team will respond to your ticket regarding the migration process.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to our support department.

Tips for Migrating from 1&1 to WebHostingPeople

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