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Disable WordPress Plugins via phpMyAdmin

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WordPress is a freely available content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is an online website creation tool coded in PHP and recognized as the simplest and most robust blogging and website content management system. One of the common issues encountered by WordPress websites arises from various extensions. When faced with such issues, it becomes necessary to manually deactivate the WordPress extensions.

An extension refers to a software component that contains a set of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. These extensions can enhance and expand the functionalities of the WordPress website. Currently, there are more than 49,396 extensions available at your disposal. WordPress extensions are coded using the PHP programming language.

Ordinarily, WordPress extensions are managed through the WordPress admin Dashboard in wp-admin. However, there are instances when it might be helpful to deactivate these extensions from phpMyAdmin.

Let us illustrate the manual process of deactivating WordPress extensions using phpMyAdmin.

1) Log in to your control panel and select “phpMyAdmin” from the control panel interface, for example, (cPanel).

Deactivate Extension

2) Access your WordPress website database in phpMyAdmin and click on the “+” icon to the left of it to expand the tables within that database.

3) Click on “wp_options” to open the WordPress options table.

Deactivate Extension

4) Locate the row labeled “active_plugins” on the “wp_options” table. It is typically found on page 2 within the options table.

Deactivate Extension

5) Click on the “option_value” field for active_plugins. Delete all the content and press ‘enter’ to save. This will deactivate all WordPress extensions.

Deactivate Extension

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