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Migrating from Weebly to WebHostingPeople WordPress Hosting

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On this documentation, we are able to talk about about migrating your Weebly website to WebHostingPeople WordPress Internet hosting.

1) Buy WordPress Internet hosting from WebHostingPeople.

You should utilize the next hyperlink to buy the Managed WordPress Internet hosting plan: Normal Net Internet hosting

Migrating WebHostingPeople

2) Setup the theme and plugin.

You should utilize the next hyperlink to arrange the theme and plugin.

Theme: How one can Set up a Theme on Your WordPress Weblog

Migrating WebHostingPeople

Plugins: How one can Set up Plugins in WordPress

Migrating WebHostingPeople

3) Generate RSS

You should utilize the next hyperlink to generate RSS feeds containing all of the posts. We will simply import this RSS feed to WordPress.

You’ll get the generated RSS feed in your mail handle.

Migrating WebHostingPeople

4) Import

As soon as the RSS feed has been generated, we are able to import this to WordPress.

Go to WordPress >> Instruments >> Import. Click on the RSS Import choice. Add the RSS file and click on ‘Add and import’.

Migrating WebHostingPeople

5) Permalinks.

URL constructions of Weebly and WordPress are very totally different. So we extremely really useful that you need to match the Weebly URL to WordPress URL.

To do that, go to WordPress >> Settings >> Permalinks.  Examine the customized construction field and paste the next code.

/1/put up/%12 months%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html

Migrating WebHostingPeople

That’s how we are able to transfer Weebly website to WebHostingPeople WordPress internet hosting.

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