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[su_tab title=”Linux Control Panel”]


CPanel - WHM Control Panel WebHostingPeople
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[su_tab title=”Windows Control Panel”]


Websitepanel Control Panel WebHostingPeople
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[su_tab title=”Quality Control Features”]

24/7 Technical Live SupportYes WebHostingPeople
24/7 Phone SupportYes WebHostingPeople
Fast Setup, Instant ActiveYes WebHostingPeople
No ContractYes WebHostingPeople
99.9% Uptime GuaranteeYes WebHostingPeople
Free Website MigrationYes WebHostingPeople
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Reseller & Master Features”]

Hosting AccountsUnlimited
WHM Control PanelYes WebHostingPeople
Websitepanle Control Panel for WindowsYes WebHostingPeople
Private/Anonymous DNS Name ServersYes WebHostingPeople
Domain Reseller AccountYes WebHostingPeople
Dedicated IP AddressAvailable
Complimentary Website MigrationYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Free Website Migration”]
[su_box title=”We’ll move your site for you! FREE!” style=”soft” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#444343″]Moving your web site can be a daunting task. That’s why when you purchase web hosting with us we’ll help you migrate your web site from your existing host over to us.

What does this include?
– Fully communicate throughout the migration process
– Migration of all site files, databases & e-mails (cpanel to cpanel transfer only*)
– Assistance with changing nameservers
– Migrations done within 24-48 hours
– Domain registration transfer assistance
– Fully communicate throughout the migration process [/su_box]
[su_tab title=”Account Features”]

cPanel Control PanelYes WebHostingPeople
Cloudflare CDN ReadyYes WebHostingPeople
Softaculous Script InstallerAvailable
Domain AliasesUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
PostgreSQL DatabaseUnlimited
MSSQL DatabasesUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimited
phpMyAdminYes WebHostingPeople
phpPgAdminYes WebHostingPeople
One click installs275+ scripts available for 1 click installs.
HTML EditorYes WebHostingPeople
One Click Website BuilderAvailable
Frontpage® ExtensionsYes WebHostingPeople
Dreamweaver CompatibleYes WebHostingPeople
Adobe GoLive CompatibleYes WebHostingPeople
Cron JobsYes WebHostingPeople
File MIME TypesYes WebHostingPeople
Custom Error PagesYes WebHostingPeople
Page Redirects ManagerYes WebHostingPeople
Web Disk (WebDAV)Yes WebHostingPeople
File ManagerYes WebHostingPeople
Daily R1Soft BackupsYes WebHostingPeople
Password Protected DirectoriesYes WebHostingPeople
Attracta SEO ReadyYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Email Features”]

Mail Boxes (POP3 & IMAP)Unlimited
Email ForwardersUnlimited
Auto RespondersUnlimited
Webmail AccessYes WebHostingPeople
SPF RecordsYes WebHostingPeople
POP3,IMAP and SMTPYes WebHostingPeople
iPhone,Black Berry,Android supportYes WebHostingPeople
Catch-All Email AddressesYes WebHostingPeople
Modify MXYes WebHostingPeople
SpamAssassinYes WebHostingPeople
Secure IMAP & POP3Yes WebHostingPeople
Squirrelmail WebmailYes WebHostingPeople
Horde WebmailYes WebHostingPeople
RoundCube WebmailYes WebHostingPeople
BoxTrapper Spam BlockerYes WebHostingPeople
SpamAssassin Spam BlockerYes WebHostingPeople
Razor, DCC, Pyzor FiltersYes WebHostingPeople
Spamhaus & SpamCop ChecksYes WebHostingPeople
Manual Email FilteringYes WebHostingPeople
Domain Keys and SPFYes WebHostingPeople
Ports 26 and 587 OutgoingYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Control Panel Features”]

RVSkin (multi-language)Yes WebHostingPeople
RVSiteBuilder ProYes WebHostingPeople
IP BlockerYes WebHostingPeople
Hotlink ProtectionYes WebHostingPeople
RedirectsYes WebHostingPeople
Custom Error PagesYes WebHostingPeople
File ManagerYes WebHostingPeople
Password Protect DirectoriesYes WebHostingPeople
Instant BlogsYes WebHostingPeople
Instant ForumsYes WebHostingPeople
Instant CMSYes WebHostingPeople
Instant GuestbookYes WebHostingPeople
Instant CounterYes WebHostingPeople
Instant FormmailYes WebHostingPeople
Instant HelpdeskYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Statistics Features”]

Awstats Software (Real Time Updates)Yes WebHostingPeople
Webalizer SoftwareYes WebHostingPeople
Analog SoftwareYes WebHostingPeople
Error and Referrer LogsYes WebHostingPeople
Apache logsYes WebHostingPeople
Bandwidth statsYes WebHostingPeople
Raw Access LogsYes WebHostingPeople
Subdomain StatsYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”E-Commerce Features”]

Shared SLLYes WebHostingPeople
Dedicated SSL (Static IP Required)Yes WebHostingPeople
OS CommerceYes WebHostingPeople
MagentoYes WebHostingPeople
Presta CartYes WebHostingPeople
Zen CartYes WebHostingPeople
Cube CartYes WebHostingPeople
Agora CartYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Programing & Development”]

Mysql databasesUnlimited
MSSQL 2012 DatabasesUnlimited
PostgreSQL Database SupportUnlimited
Support Languages :CGI, PHP, Fast CGI, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI
Modules Support :Curl, CPAN, GD, ImageMagic, FFMPEG. Additional modules can be installed upon request.
PHPMyAdminYes WebHostingPeople
phpPgAdminYes WebHostingPeople
PHP 4 and 5Yes WebHostingPeople
SSH and Cronjob SupportYes WebHostingPeople
.NET Framework SupportYes WebHostingPeople
Crystal Report SupportYes WebHostingPeople
Remote IIS ManagementYes WebHostingPeople
ODBC DSN SetupUnlimited
Remote Access to MSSQL DBsYes WebHostingPeople
ASP .NET v2, v3.5 and v4.5Yes WebHostingPeople
LINQ / AJAX / SilverlightYes WebHostingPeople
ASP .NET MVC (latest)Yes WebHostingPeople
Access DatabasesYes WebHostingPeople
Web DeployYes WebHostingPeople
JScript .NETYes WebHostingPeople
URL Rewrite ModuleYes WebHostingPeople
Perl Module InstallerYes WebHostingPeople
SSL/E-commerce SupportYes WebHostingPeople
Shared SSLYes WebHostingPeople
Ruby on RailsYes WebHostingPeople
ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD, SSI, CGIYes WebHostingPeople
Curl, DomXML, mod_rewriteYes WebHostingPeople
Zend OptimizerYes WebHostingPeople
ionCube PHP LoaderYes WebHostingPeople
Streaming Audio/VideoYes WebHostingPeople
FlashYes WebHostingPeople
GitYes WebHostingPeople
Shell Access / SFTPYes WebHostingPeople

[su_tab title=”Network/Datacenter”]

SAS 70 Type II Certified [Details]Yes WebHostingPeople
DDoS Attack Response [Details]Yes WebHostingPeople
Secured Entrance/Exit [Details]Yes WebHostingPeople
Redundant Carriers [Details]Yes WebHostingPeople
Network Monitoring [Details]Yes WebHostingPeople
FirewallYes WebHostingPeople
Brute Force DetectionYes WebHostingPeople
Nightly Security UpdatesYes WebHostingPeople
15K RPM RAID 10 DrivesYes WebHostingPeople
SSD RAID 10 DrivesYes WebHostingPeople


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