How to Create FTP Accounts in cPanel

To Create FTP Accounts in cPanel, Sign into your cPanel and follow these steps: 1) Scroll down to Files and click FTP Accounts:
SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates and Shared Hosting

In October 2016 at the CA/Browser Forum in Redmond, Washington, Google software engineer Ryan Sleevi announced Google’s move to make Certificate Transparency mandatory for Chrome web browsing.

Why Paid Hosting is Superior to Free Hosting

Should you’re eager about web hosting, you’ll must resolve what kind of internet hosting service you want.  There are a lot of completely different choices to select from, every with benefits and drawbacks.  To slim…
Shared Hosting Backups

Shared Hosting Backups

When trying to find a shared hosting plan, you most likely are contemplating many components. Will my costs keep the identical from month to month? Will I be locked right into a contract? How will…