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Our Latest News,
Advice and Thoughts

Enhancing Website Security with AutoSSL: A New Offering for WebHostingPeople cPanel Users

By Ruchi Awasthi

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Digital safety has been a growing concern for website owners, with Google and other search engines favoring secured connections for SEO benefits. To simplify the process of using SSL certificates, cPanel has introduced AutoSSL, a feature that is now available to all WebHostingPeople customers.

AutoSSL Makes Security Effortless
In the past, obtaining an SSL certificate involved complex steps, including form-filling and manual certificate installation. AutoSSL eliminates these requirements, handling everything automatically.

Once enabled, AutoSSL secures your websites, all managed through cPanel, using a domain-validated SSL certificate, ensuring high-level encryption for your site and data transfers.

Unlike traditional SSL certificates that require manual renewal, AutoSSL automatically requests and installs new certificates without user intervention.

Distinguishing Paid and Free SSL Certificates
AutoSSL offers domain-validated certificates, a basic SSL option with minimal verification. This automation, as opposed to the manual process of paid certificates, allows cPanel to provide this level of security for free. Choosing the right SSL certificate type is crucial for data protection:

  1. Domain Validation: Offered by AutoSSL for free, this level features high encryption standards without extensive verification.
  2. Organization Validation (OV): OV certificates require comprehensive documentation and verification, making them a paid option.
  3. Extended Validation (EV): EV certificates undergo rigorous validation and meet the highest security standards, with browser bars turning green to indicate secure connections. This level comes at a cost.

The additional effort required for OV and EV certificates contributes to their cost, and since SSL certificates expire over time, opting for free certificates can result in significant cost savings.

Just the Beginning
AutoSSL enhances website security, but it’s just the start of what cPanel and WebHostingPeople plan to offer. They are working on support for other encryption solutions like Let’s Encrypt to further safeguard web content, addressing the evolving threats online.

Enabling AutoSSL
AutoSSL is available in all WebHostingPeople cPanels. To enable this feature, navigate to the SSL/TLS section and click on ‘Manage AutoSSL.’ You’ll find options to enable or disable the feature. Simply click ‘enable’ and save to add an excellent first layer of security to all your websites.

*Disclaimer: This feature is not available for Windows Shared Hosting Plans.

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