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Our Latest News,
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Introducing InterShield: WebHostingPeople’s Enhanced Shared Hosting Security Feature

By Ravi Saxena

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I’ve Been Hacked! – A Common Refrain.

How often have we heard this familiar refrain? It’s a safe bet that the answer is “far too many times.” In our increasingly interconnected world, driven by the vast power of the World Wide Web, the specter of malware looms ever larger. Malware, however, always seems to stay one step ahead of those striving to mitigate its influence and consequences. According to an independent IT-Security Institute, AV-TEST, a staggering “over 390,000 new malicious programs are developed daily.” Numbers like these give us cause for concern. At WebHostingPeople, Shared Hosting Security is a top priority. Unfortunately, many end-users remain blissfully unaware of the lurking dangers, both around the corner and within their own websites. Hence, we have embarked on the development of a comprehensive five-pronged malware prevention system, aptly named “InterShield.” These five prongs comprise:

  1. Internet Application Firewall
  2. File Scanner
  3. Script Scanning
  4. Email Security
  5. Malware Detection

We believe that this multi-faceted approach will effectively thwart malware threats and bolster Shared Hosting Security, not only for us but for all our customers using our shared hosting services. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of what each of these five prongs accomplishes.

Internet Application Firewall

Websites face constant threats from cross-site scripts, SQL injections, and various other vulnerabilities. The most common threats, cross-site scripting and SQL injections, can be highly detrimental to Shared Hosting Security. Cross-site scripting involves injecting client-side scripts, enabling hackers to execute scripts on a website or application. These attacks target websites specifically because their impact is felt by those who visit the site. SQL injections represent another form of code injection into websites, wherein the attacker inserts SQL commands into data access fields to compromise database integrity. These attackers aim to gain escalated access to website data and other confidential information.

With Mod_Security enabled on our Linux shared hosting servers, we effectively thwart these common attacks. While we won’t delve into the technical intricacies, expressions and rules are employed to halt these attacks in their tracks. Mod_Security adds an additional layer of security, as coding often leaves vulnerabilities exposed.

File Scanner

Malware can also infiltrate servers by uploading malicious files. Often, individuals unknowingly upload files containing viruses, which can spell disaster for anyone. This layer of InterShield Shared Hosting Security scans for malware in uploaded files. Malware typically carries a distinct signature that can be detected. Our scanners are updated regularly to ensure that the latest malware poses no threat to us.

Script Scanning

Scripts can be highly useful when running a website. However, some scripts used by individuals may be malicious. On our shared hosting servers, we continuously scan to ensure that any scripts in use are free from malware. This additional layer of security and prevention provides peace of mind, knowing that your website will never fall victim to a harmful script.

Email Security

As part of our enduring commitment to our customers, guaranteed email delivery is always protected on our standard hosting. We ensure that we follow through on this promise by permitting the delivery of valid, non-spam, and non-bulk emails. Our Shared Hosting Security technology swiftly identifies compromised accounts, preventing an IP address from being blacklisted, sparing other customers from the fallout of one customer’s actions.

Malware Detection

In our efforts to safeguard our customers on our standard hosting accounts, we maintain a vast database filled with malware scripts. Tracking their signatures allows us to swiftly identify and remove any malware that poses a threat. Over 155,000 instances of malware have been detected. As you can see, our intrusion system is perpetually capturing malware signatures and updating them in this database.

In conclusion, we hope that the information provided here will lead you to choose WebHostingPeople as your shared hosting provider. Our standard shared hosting comes with cPanel, Softaculous script installer, unlimited domains, email, bandwidth, Shared Hosting Security, and much more. Before signing up with us, customers often inquire about the built-in security measures we have in place. As you can see, WebHostingPeople’s InterShield offers multiple layers of protection against various forms of malware.

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