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Which Email Setup Type is Right for Me?

There are different ways you can set up your email account on your device or email client. These include IMAP and POP/SMTP. Check out our quick-guide below for a bit more information on the differences between IMAP and POP/SMTP.

Best ForUsers who want to be able to access their Shaw email account through multiple devices and Webmail.Users who want to have access to their emails while offline should choose this setup method.
DescriptionIMAP works with your mail content on Shaw’s servers. Moving, sending, or deleting tasks are performed on the server so your other devices and Shaw Webmail are kept in sync. A small cache (copy) of your email is kept on your device limiting off-line access.While using POP3 your email client downloads a copy of all mail received by the mailbox, optionally deleting the messages from Webmail. Any changes made only affect your emails on that device, and will not affect other devices or Webmail.

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