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404 Error Page When Logging Into WordPress Admin Page

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If you encounter a 404 error webpage while trying to access the wp-admin page, it may be necessary to modify your website URL in the database. Follow the steps below to alter your website URL from cPanel.

1) Log in to your cPanel interface.

2) Locate and click on the ‘phpMyAdmin’ icon in the ‘Databases’ section.

404 Error

3) Choose your WordPress database from the phpMyAdmin panel.

404 Error

4) Go to the ‘wp_options’ table and select the ‘Browse’ option.

404 Error

5) Locate the ‘siteurl’ option and click on the ‘Edit’ field.

404 Error

6) Modify the URL in the input field of the ‘option_value’.

404 Error

7) Click on the ‘GO’ button.

404 Error

Then attempt to access the WordPress wp-admin page.

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