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Secure WordPress Template for an WebHostingPeople VPS (PHPMMDROP)

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PHPmmdrop is the exclusive shared hosting security system provided by WebHostingPeople with our cPanel hosting. Due to numerous requests, our technicians have incorporated many of the same features into a VPS theme called centos-7-x86_64-nginxwordpress


When ordering a VPS on https://my.webhostingpeople.web or reinstalling a VPS, select the centos-7-x86_64-nginxwordpress theme.

Note: Currently, this is only available on container systems, openvz legacy. We will provide an update here once it becomes available on KVM or Openvz7.

Features Include:

  • Nginx webserver with built-in caching
  • PHPmmdrop for securing a standard wordpress installation.
  • Pre-installed WPcli with daily checks for updates of core, plugins, and default themes.
  • Daily mysql backups


After the VPS installation, use the root password selected during setup to log in to the IP address as the admin user at http://your-ipaddress/wp-login.php

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