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Enable Litespeed Cache for All WordPress Websites in cPanel

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Understanding Browser Caching

When a visitor accesses a website, the elements on the page they visit are stored in a cache. This allows the browser to load the page faster when the user revisits the same website, as it doesn’t need to send another HTTP request to the server. Enhance your website’s speed and performance by installing WordPress plugins that can effectively capture caches. Enable the Litespeed cache WordPress plugin on your site, which follows best practices for achieving a high PageSpeed score and provides an excellent user experience.


How to Activate Litespeed Cache

Litespeed cache for WordPress is a plugin designed to improve website performance. The LiteSpeed WHM plugin includes a section for managing LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. From there, you can activate the cache for all your WordPress installations. Follow the steps below:

1) Login to your WHM interface.

2) Go to the ‘Plugins’ section.

Lightspeed Cache


3) Click on the ‘LiteSpeed Web Server’ icon.

Litespeed Cache


4) On the next page, click the ‘Mass Enable/Disable Cache’ icon to activate WordPress cache for all WordPress installations on the server.

Lightspeed Cache


5) A new page will open. Here, click on the ‘Manage Cache Installations’ option. This will allow you to scan and locate all active WordPress installations on your server.

Lightspeed Cache


That’s how you can activate Litespeed cache for all WordPress websites on your cPanel server. Once the Litespeed cache is enabled, your website’s performance will improve.


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