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Installation of NexusCore and SQL Server 2017 in WHM

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WHM servers do not come with support for the .NET platform by default. However, it is possible to enable this through the use of a third-party plugin known as NexusCore. This plugin is compatible with both Apache and Litespeed. In this guide, we will discuss how to install and configure the NexusCore plugin on WHM servers.

Installation Steps

1) To begin, log in to your server as the root user via SSH using the following command:

$ ssh root@ipaddress

Please replace “ipaddress” with the IP address of your server.

2) Change the current working directory to /home

$ cd /home

3) Execute the following commands to download the installation files and run the installer script:

$ wget https://securedownloads.nexuscore.io/latest

$ chmod 755 latest

$ sh latest

4) The installation package includes the DBMS software SQL Server for Linux 2017 Express (free edition). During the installation process, you can choose to accept or ignore this software. However, it is recommended for use with the .NET platform.

cPanel Configuration

After installation, two hosting package accounts will be created. These can be accessed through WHM >> Edit a Package >> Package. From there, you can select the desired number of SQL servers for each hosting package. You also have the option to create custom hosting packages that allow users to manage .NET and Microsoft SQL Server through the provided options in package settings.



Server Compatibility

Listed below are the servers and their respective compatible versions of the NexusCore plugin:

1) WHM server – compatible with version 70.x or newer of NexusCore

2) CentOS server – compatible with version 7 or newer

3) CloudLinux server – compatible with version 7.4 or newer

If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support department.

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