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What is MailChannels Cloud

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MailChannels cloud is an SMTP relay. MailChannels cloud can be used to ensure reliable email delivery to the customers. MailChannels cloud deal with mail outbound spamming in the ideal way possible and improve security by tuning in to compromised account notifications. Fix malware-infected WordPress scripts, stolen user accounts, and rooted servers by having MailChannels watch out for spamming activity.

Mails Send without MailChannels

Mailchannels Cloud

MailChannels cloud eliminates IP blacklisting problem and improve IP reputation by scanning all the outgoing email, blocks the spam, and then notifies about which users or scripts causing the issue.

Mail send with MailChannels

Mailchannels Cloud

Every mail sends from your server will connect with MailChannels and sends messages along with details needed for the emails to be transferred. Before sending the emails to the receiver end the MailChannels will scan the email for spam and phishing content to identify malicious content.

The spam emails will have bad recipients, repetitive content and unpredictable volume and also check the email sender reputation, MailChannels keeps records in an internal reputation system on the basis of responsive messages from the receiving server. If all these checks are passed the mail is out for delivery otherwise the mail will be immediately rejected and this will be noted and will be more alert when more emails, see them in future.

Mailchannels Cloud

In addition to this MailChannels cloud analyze the response message from the receiver server and look into the feedback loop to check whether the email recipient complaint about the mail send from the MailChannels cloud if any of these issues indicates MailChannels cloud generate a notification and sent to you to let you know the spamming activity.

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