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cPanel’s Email Deliverability Interface

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In order to prevent outgoing emails from being labeled as spam and blocked, cPanel introduces a new feature called Email Deliverability. This feature is available in the latest version of cPanel and it allows users to manage SPF, DKIM, and PTR records for their domains. It also helps users resolve any issues with SPF, DKIM, and PTR records. The SPF record, also known as Sender Policy Framework, helps identify authorized servers for sending mail on a domain, reducing spam activity. Another method to validate email message authenticity is through DKIM, where the sender includes a private key in the email and the recipient server verifies the signature by checking the public key in the DNS server for the domain. This also helps reduce spam from your domain.

These are the steps to access the Email Deliverability interface on your new cPanel server:

1) Log in to your cPanel server.

2) Click on the ‘Email Deliverability’ icon under the ‘Email’ section.

Cpanel Email Deliverability


3) From the ‘Email Deliverability’ tab, you can check the accuracy of your DNS records.

Cpanel Email Deliverability


From there, you can manage and verify the DNS records related to email for your domains hosted on your cPanel account. The first column displays the Domain name, the second column provides details about the ‘Email Deliverability Status’ indicating if there are any issues with your domain’s DNS records. Finally, the last column informs you about the necessary ‘Actions’ to correct the DNS records.

Restore: This feature allows the system to fix invalid records for a domain.

Manage: This interface enables manual resolution of issues with your domain’s email-related DNS records.

When you click on the ‘Manage’ button next to the domain name, it will open another window where you can manually add your DNS records.

Cpanel Email Deliverability


You can configure the DNS of all your domains in your cPanel account using this interface.


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