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Error when sending email

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First check incoming email before sending outgoing email. This is a spam filter on all Trouble Free servers. Once you check incoming email you will have about a 10 to 15 minute window where you can send email.

If you are using Outlook do the following:
Go to Tools > Accounts… > Mail (tab at the top of the new window > Double click on the email account you set up > Click on Servers (tab at the top of the new window) > put a check in the box that says “My server requires authentication.

If after you try all these and you are still unable to send email the most likely explanation is that your ISP is blocking you. Some ISPs block port 25 as a SPAM filter and only allow you to send email through theur mail servers. This is especially true with any free ISPs. Check with your ISP to find out if you are blocked. WebMail is avialable in the Control Panel so that you can still send email.

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