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A guide on how to execute site-to-site file transfers using the FlashFXP FTP client

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FlashFXP is a Windows FTP client used to transfer files and data to a remote location over the file transfer protocol. Like all other FTP clients, FlashFXP also uses FTP default port 21 for creating FTP connections. FlashFXP is a useful tool for beginners too!

FlashFXP also allows Windows users to connect to their websites hosted on Linux/Windows servers. The FTP client is available for free and can you can use it for Free for a 30 days’ trial period. During this period, you can use the trial version, or you can upgrade to premium anytime within the trial period.

FlashFXP is a great tool; it is very user-friendly and provides a straightforward interface. The files are transferred at a remarkable speed and offer excellent performance.


The FlashFXP has many functionalities in comparison with other FTP clients. Most of the people use FlashFXP to publish and maintain websites. Managing websites includes uploading and downloading music, photos, videos, and more. Primary backups can be downloaded or transferred to any other remote location or your local hard disk for future use. FlashFXP provides a powerful feature called “Site Manager” to perform site to site file transfers. You can also schedule and automate file transfers with a tool called “Transfer Scheduler”. 

Download and Install

The FlashFXP can be downloaded from their official website. Click here and download the executable. Run the windows executable file to start the installation.


The site to Site File Transfer

Start the FlashFXP FTP client, and you should get a standard window similar to any other FTP client. You can see the local file browser on the left side, showing the data on your hard disk. You can see the Remote FTP browser view on the right side showing the remote site.  The FlashFXP site to site file transfer allows you to transfer files from one remote site to another remote site without allowing those files to pass through your system/computer.

We need to switch the Local File Browser view to Remote File Browser view to perform Site to Site file transfers. You can see the “Switch to Remote browser” button, which is the last one on the right toolbar as shown on the image below. You need to click this option to enable Remote browser view on both left side and right side of the window.

After clicking on the “switch to Remote Browser” button; The current FlashFXP window will change, and it will start showing Remote browser view on both sides of the window since the local file browser on the left side changes to the remote file browser.

Now FlashFXP has connected to both the remote servers. Now you need to communicate between both remote sites first to transfer files between them. You can connect between remote sites using Site Manager or by pressing Quick Connect options. Alternatively, you can also press F4 for Site Manager and F8 for Quick Connect.

Once the connection between remote sites is established, you can start transferring files. All you have to do is select the files to be transferred. If you are selecting multiple files, hold the Ctrl button while selecting the file or drag a box over the files. Once the files are selected, drag and drop them to the remote destination site.

If you are facing any issue following tutorial, please comment down the query, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Performing Site to Site File Transfers with FlashFXP FTP Client

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