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How to Add an Email Account in Webuzo?

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Webuzo is a solitary client control board/Application Director which permit clients to convey mainstream web applications like Word Press, Joomla, and Drupal with a single click. You need to concentrate on utilizing the application as opposed to keeping up that applications and is similar to cPanel. Webuzo is perfect for use in enterprises, small to medium business situations, and just about 240 web applications are supported by Webuzo. It is reasonable for web engineers to use alongside web applications, framework applications like MongoDB, Apache, NGINX, Java and so forth.

Here we can discuss about how to setup an email account in Webuzo .

Add Email Account

To add an email account in Webuzo, please follow the below steps.

1) Login to your Webuzo control panel.

2) Click the icon ‘Email Account’ from the ‘Email’ category.

Add Email Account

3) A new window will open and here you can see the option for add the new email account. You can select the domain from the drop down box and also you can set the password for the account. After completing this section click on the button ‘Create Account’.

Add Email Account

4) Now you can see the created email account from this page.

Add Email Account

5) Here you can see the options for delete the mail account, compose mails and change password for the mail account.

Add Email Account

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