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How to Add a Bitcoin Donate Button to your wordpress blog?

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Bitcoin is gaining significant popularity because the past few months. Several major websites like Fiverr, US store Overstock are now accepting Bitcoins. Even Google is working towards integrating Bitcoin as a payment method. The phenomenon was recently covered by Mashable and other tech news giants.

Bitcoin is an entirely digital currency. The quantity of bitcoins is limited, and a coin is released when a problem is solved. Thousands of computers utilize their processing power in mining this digital currency. The value of bitcoin has reached as high as $1000 for one coin.

You can always exchange bitcoins for cash in your currency.

However, when accepting bitcoins, a wallet is required. There are several websites that provide wallets, which are software that stores your digital currency. Here is an interesting article on Forbes that demonstrates how an individual lost 9 million in bitcoins some time ago. At that time, bitcoins were trading at $1155.

Step 1: You need to acquire a free account at Blockchain, and you can do that by visiting this link.

How To Add A Bitcoin Donate Button To Your Wordpress

Once you have created the account, you will receive an account ID, which we will use in the future. It appears something like this.

Step 2: You require the Bitcoin address displayed below

1588175898 550 How To Add A Bitcoin Donate Button To Your Wordpress

Additionally, you will need to apply for an account at Bitpay to receive bitcoins from Bitpay to your wallet. Again, you can use a free account. The registration process is somewhat lengthy, requiring details such as phone number and address to be entered. You might be better off using an email ID with a domain name like [email protected].

First, verify your email ID.

After waiting for a few minutes, you will receive an email stating that your application was approved. Mine came in three minutes.

Step 3: Select Bitcoin from the aforementioned options.

Bitcoin Add Button

Step 4: You will then need to enter your account ID, which we received from the blockchain website.

Bitcoin Add Button

Step 5: On the following page, click on Accept Bitcoin and then select eCommerce.

Bitcoin Add Button

Step 6: On the following page, click Accept Donations.

Bitcoin Add Button

Html code will come below, which you need to copy-paste into the pages or posts where you want bitcoin donation.

Step 7: Enter the details for the donation box and click generate.

Bitcoin Add Button

Bitcoin Add Button

Step 8: You will receive HTML code that you can copy-paste onto your website and add bitcoin buttons.

Bitpay donate button supports the following Bitcoin payment methods:

  • Click-to-Pay URI
  • Scan-to-Pay QR code
  • Copy/paste payment methods

There are also numerous plugins available that can perform the task for you. We will cover two of them in detail.

  1. Bittip Button
  2. Wp Bitcoin

The only thing you need to do in both the plugins is enter the bitcoin ID and choose whether you want the donation button on the pages or the posts.

Bitcoin Add Button

Bitcoin Add Button

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