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How to Use IPv6 Address in DirectAdmin

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As everyone is aware of what an IP deal with is, it’s only a logical numeric deal with assigned to each pc, printer, change, router, mobile system, or some other system that’s a part of a TCP/IP-based community. An IP deal with is the important and important part that connects the World Broad Internet (www). Direct Admin additionally helps IPv6 addresses from model 1.37.Zero onwards. Let’s discover how we are able to use IPv6 addresses in Direct Admin.

Adding an IPv6 Address

That is step one to utilizing IPv6. We have to inform Direct Admin to make use of an IPv6 deal with as a substitute of IPv4.

1) Log in to the server through ssh because the root consumer.

2) Open the DirectAdmin configuration file

vi /usr/native/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf

3) Seek for “ipv6” within the configuration file. Edit it to 1 if it’s set to zero.


3) Save the configuration file.

4) Restart the service.

service directadmin restart

You may as well add the deal with from the front-end.

1) Log in to the DirectAdmin panel utilizing your username and password.

2) Including an IP deal with to DirectAdmin is finished the identical means as including an IPv4 deal with.

Choose Admin Instruments >> IP administration. You’ll be able to add the IPv6 deal with to the IP area.

Please observe that the netmask 255.255.255.Zero solely applies to IPv4 addresses and must be ignored when including an IPv6 deal with to DirectAdmin.

By default, the netmask for an IPv6 deal with is /64. Nevertheless, it’s not but supported.

When including an IPv6 deal with to DirectAdmin, use the complete or brief types of the deal with. DirectAdmin will broaden the brief types to the complete IPv6 values. Don’t use [] across the IP deal with right here.

It is acceptable to make use of 1:2::9.

Now the DNS system is prepared for IPv6. We have now the dns_a.conf file and dns_aaaa.conf file default information for newly created zones. Every template file checks the IP sort. When an IP is assigned to the template, the IP sort can also be included, permitting the template to disregard including any information if the IP sort doesn’t match its format. You’ll be able to customise it so as to add another worth. However for most individuals, leaving it alone is finest.

Methods to Entry DirectAdmin through IPv6 deal with.

1) Log in to the server through ssh because the root consumer.

2) Execute the next instructions.

/sbin/sysctl web.inet6.ip6.v6only=0

3) Set this within the /and so on/rc.conf:


4) Verify with the sockstat command.

Whether it is working appropriately, the output must be as follows.

freebsd7-64# sockstat -l | grep direct | head -n1

no one   directadmi 50362 0  tcp46  *:2222                *:*

In any other case,

freebsd7-64# sockstat -l | grep direct | head -n1

no one   directadmi 50362 0  tcp6  *:2222                *:*

The output ought to include tcp46. If it doesn’t, IPv6 shouldn’t be enabled.

5) Restart DirectAdmin after enabling this feature.

For the apache service, it already helps IPv6, so no adjustments are required. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile to modify exim and dovecot. Exim doesn’t help IPv6 by default, so it’s worthwhile to guarantee it’s compiled in.

6) Run the next command.

/usr/sbin/exim -bV | grep Help

The output ought to comprise “IPv6” if it’s enabled, in any other case you’ll must recompile exim from supply or utilizing rpm packages. Make sure that the newest Makefiles have the HAVE_IPV6=YES possibility to incorporate IPv6 help.

8) For dovecot, edit the configuration file so as to add IPv6 help format.

vi /and so on/dovecot.conf

9) Discover the next line.


hear = *

#IPv4 and IPv6:

#hear = *, ::

10) Change them to seem like under.


#hear = *

#IPv4 and IPv6:

hear = *, ::

11) Restart dovecot.

service dovecot restart

12) For older variations of dovecot

vi /and so on/dovecot.conf

Add the next line.

hear = “*, [::]”

In the event you want additional help, please contact our help division.

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