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How to Enable FTP Access in WHM?

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If you want to upload files to your website using FTP, you need to enable FTP settings on your server.

To enable FTP access from WHM, please follow the below-given steps:

1) Login to WHM interface.

2) Click on icon ‘Service Configuration’.

Enable Ftp Access

3) On the next page, click on the icon ‘FTP Server Selection’.

Enable Ftp Access

4) You can select Pure-FTPD or Pro-FTPD to enable FTP accounts.

Enable Ftp Access

5) Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to activate your selection.

6) If you want to edit FTP server configuration to change the settings, navigate to Home »Service Configuration »FTP Server Configuration and modify the settings.

Enable Ftp Access

7) Click the ‘Save’ button to change the settings.

If you need any further help please do reach our support department.

Enabling FTP Access in WHM: Step-by-Step Guide

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