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How to Reset Magento Admin Password

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In this modern world, Magento serves as a platform to expand the shoppable experience beyond its limits. As part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento offers exclusive functionalities like analytics, advertising, content creation, and e-commerce. Moreover, Magento is extremely user-friendly and enables prompt site launching, resulting in quicker ROI.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of changing the Magento password using phpMyAdmin. Use this method if you are unable to access the admin panel of the website or if you have not received a password reset link via email.

Changing the Magento Administrator Password

1) Log in to your cPanel account, navigate to phpMyAdmin, and select the Magento database. After selecting the database, you will see all the tables within it. Choose the “admin_user” table, as shown in the screenshot below.

Reset Password

2) Now, we will modify the password for the “admin” user. Click on “Edit” next to the “admin” user, as shown in the following screenshot.

Reset Password

3) Enter your desired password (e.g., “KfhUCwTS1ptGE”). Additionally, add a two-character sequence called “cryptographic salt” in front of the password. The salt can be any two characters. In this example, the salt is “tu”. After adding the salt, select MD5 encryption and click “GO” to save the changes.

Reset Password

4) Once the changes are saved, edit the password again by adding the salt at the end, as shown in the following screenshot. Save the changes by clicking “Go”.

Reset Magento

Congratulations! You have successfully updated the password for the admin user. You can now access the Magento admin panel using the new password.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to our support department.

Step-by-Step Guide: Resetting the Magento Administrator Password

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