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How to change the domain name in DirectAdmin

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It’s very easy to rename a domain name in the DirectAdmin control panel. This can be performed from the user level interface itself. DirectAdmin will take care of the service configuration.

The database names will not be changed during this operation. Anyway, you may need to update the configuration of your site/scripts and connection strings, so they will use the new domain name.

To rename a domain:

1. Log into DA as a user

2. Navigate to Account Manager >> Domain Setup

3. Click the RENAME button

Rename A Domain Name In Directadmin

4. Select the Old Domain from the list and enter the New Domain

1697369065 905 Rename A Domain Name In Directadmin

5. The domain name will be updated. A confirmation message will appear:

1697369065 721 Rename A Domain Name In Directadmin

** The interface may differ as per the theme you are using with your DirectAdmin panel

How to Rename a Domain Name in DirectAdmin

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