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Install Avada Theme

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The Avada theme is a versatile and powerful WordPress theme that has been widely used for over six years as a primary promotional theme. Its features and market consistency have made it one of the most trusted and comprehensive WordPress themes available. Avada allows users to easily import professionally designed demos for free with just one click. Despite being a bit slow and bloated, Avada is still one of the most feature-rich and capable WordPress themes. It can be installed either through WordPress or via FTP, providing the ability to create any type of WordPress website.

Avada is suitable for various types of websites, including but not limited to law firms, corporate businesses, wedding websites, IT websites, hosting company websites, blog websites, and online eCommerce businesses. It offers over 50 pre-designed demos, such as Avada Classic, Avada Law, Avada Sports, Avada University, Avada Creative, Avada Gallery, Avada Crypto, and more, catering to different industries like healthcare, cafe, company, photography, travel, and more.

If you want to use the Avada theme on your website, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  1. Ensure your web host supports WordPress and that you are using WordPress 4.6 or higher.
  2. Make sure your PHP version is 5.6 or higher.
  3. Ensure you have MySQL 5.6 or higher.


Installing Avada Theme

Prior to installing Avada, you need to download all the required theme files from your ThemeForest account. If you’re downloading the theme from ThemeForest for the first time, it is recommended to download the Full Theme Bundle. The Full Theme Bundle includes additional files such as Revolution and Layer slider documentation, while the classic demo only contains the ‘.PSD’ files. If you’ve already downloaded the Full Theme Bundle, you can opt for the WordPress installable file.


Downloading Avada Theme Files

  1. Login to your ‘ThemeForest’ account and go to the ‘Downloads’ section.
  2. Locate your Avada theme purchase.
  3. Select the ‘Download’ button to download either the ‘Installable WordPress file’ or the ‘All Files & Documentation’ if you want to download the Full Avada Theme Bundle.

Installing Avada via WordPress

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the ‘Appearance’ tab.
  2. Select the ‘Themes’ option.
  3. Click the ‘Choose File’ option and upload the downloaded file. If you only downloaded the installable file, upload it directly. However, if you downloaded the Full Theme Bundle, unzip the main file and then upload the secondary zip file contained within.
  4. Once the file upload is complete, activate Avada by going to the ‘Themes’ option in the WordPress dashboard and clicking the ‘Activate’ button.
  5. After activation, you will be redirected to Avada’s welcome screen, which prompts you to install the required Avada plugins such as Fusion Core plugin, Fusion Builder plugin, and more.

Installing Avada via FTP

  1. Log into your server using FTP or connect using FileZilla.
  2. If you downloaded the Full Theme Bundle, unzip the main file, and within it, there is a secondary Avada.zip file. Unzip this secondary file as well. If you only downloaded the installable file, unzip that file.
  3. Go to the ‘wp-content’ folder and upload the extracted Avada folder to the ‘themes’ folder on the server. Make sure the folder is named Avada.
  4. After the upload, activate the theme from WordPress. To activate it, log in to the WordPress dashboard, go to the ‘Appearance’ tab, select the ‘Themes’ option, and click the ‘Activate’ button.
  5. Once activated, you will be redirected to the Welcome screen, where you will be prompted to install the required Avada plugins such as Fusion Core plugin, Fusion Builder plugin, and more.


Avada Plugin Installation

The Avada theme requires the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plugins to function properly. It also comes with five different premium plugins, including Fusion White Label Branding, Convert Plus, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, LayerSlider WP, and Slider Revolution. Some plugins are necessary to run a specific demo in Avada, so it is recommended to add these plugins before importing the demo. All Avada plugins can be found under the ‘Plugins’ option in Avada.

Some recommended plugins to run a demo include PWA, WooCommerce, The Event Calendar, Yoast SEO, HubSpot, Contact Form 7, and bbPress.

Installing Plugins

  1. If you want to download any premium plugin, you need to register your purchase under ‘Token Registration’. However, registration is not required if you purchase the required and recommended Avada plugins.
  2. Login to the WordPress admin area and go to ‘Avada’.
  3. Select the ‘Plugins’ tab, which lists all the required and recommended plugins.
  4. Select the desired plugin image and click the ‘Install’ button above the plugin image.
  5. After installation, click the ‘Activate’ button, then return to the Plugins page by clicking the ‘Return to Required Plugins Installer’ link. If you want to update the installed plugin, click the ‘Update’ button to apply the changes.
  6. Remember to install the Fusion Core plugin first and then the Fusion Builder plugin.
  7. Repeat steps three to five until you finish installing and activating all the desired plugins.

That’s how you can install Avada Theme on your WordPress website. If you have any questions or queries regarding this tutorial, please let us know in the comment section below.

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