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Install ConfigServer MailScanner on cPanel Server

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The ConfigServer MailScanner is a cPanel plugin that allows customers to customize the e-mail scan for spam and viruses as desired. This can be easily installed on a cPanel server. This plugin provides a user-friendly web interface for managing the scanner, offering a front-end to a MailScanner installation on cPanel. It consists of three components:

1) The Icon on individual cPanel account, through which each user can modify their settings, that edits a file on their account. Through this, the user can configure:

Actions per domain for two rating levels for spam scanning

Actions per domain for two rating levels for spam scanning

Whitelists and blacklists per cPanel account

High and low rating settings per cPanel account

Configurable forwarding email address for spam per cPanel account

2) A WHM web interface through which the administrator can configure server-wide settings.

3) A command line tool through which the server administrator can manage MailScanner via command line.

Installation of Config Server MailScanner

1) The first step is to ensure that you don’t have ‘Clamavconnector’ installed on your server. If you already have it, remove it from WHM > Add-on Modules.

Once it has been confirmed, log in to your server via SSH as root user and download the package from their official website. You can use the following command to download the package and then extract it.

$ wget https://download.configserver.com/msinstall.tar.gz

$ tar -xzf msinstall.tar.gz

2) After completing the extraction, you need to navigate into the extracted directory and execute the installation script as shown below.

$ cd msinstall

$ sh install.sh

3) Once you have completed the installation, you need to uncheck “SpamAssassin Spam Filter” and “SpamAssassin Spam Box” in WHM Tweak settings. You should also uncheck the “spamd” boxes in WHM “Service Manager” section. Now you can manage the settings through the Config Server MailScanner plugin in both WHM and cPanel.

Configserver Mailscanner

4) If you ever want to uninstall the ConfigServer MailScanner from your server, you can follow the simple steps below. First, you need to enter the installation directory and execute the uninstallation script.

$ cd msinstall

$ sh uninstall.sh

If you need any further assistance, please contact our support department.

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