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Install WordPress Using WordPress Manager

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WordPress is a costless and open-source content management system which is frequently used to construct websites on the internet. cPanel&WHM has provided a feature known as WordPress Manager which allows you to manage new or existing WordPress sites in your cPanel account. This WordPress Manager interface will permit you to view your WordPress database name and user and etc. It is also advantageous to manage each site’s automatic updates configuration. Additionally, you can also modify the WordPress administrator users’ passwords and can view each site’s basic WordPress configuration and etc. In this documentation, we are going to discuss about the feature called WordPress Manager.


1) Sign into your cPanel account using the username and password.

2) Go to “Application” section.

Install Wp


3) Pick the “WordPress Manager” icon.

Install Wp


4) Here, you can observe the WordPress Manager interface. If you intend to set up a WordPress using WordPress manager, then you can either select the option “Create Site” or “New Site” from the top of the page.

Install Wp


This page also provides a list of all the WordPress installations created by this application.

5) Once the option has been selected, you will be redirected to the installation screen (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> Site Software). Here, you can choose the domain which you desire to install WordPress from the drop-down table.

Install Wp


6) If you wish to specify all the details for the WordPress installation such as domain name, admin user, database prefix and etc, then you need to select the “Display Advanced Configuration” link for this.

Wordpress Manager


7) Now you have to click on the “Install” button to complete the installation.

Install Wp


8) If you want to uninstall a WordPress site, you need to select the tab “Uninstall” from the Site Software profile and then choose the domain which you desire to uninstall from the drop-down table and click on the “Uninstall” button.

Install Wp


If you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach our support department.


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