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How to Ban Emails in phpBB

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phpBB is an open-source Forum Management system launched in December 2000. It is a very powerful and well-built Forum software that provides all the functionality you need to run a successful forum. However, Maintaining quality of the forum is important too, and phpBB provides the robust user security management. phpBB allows you to ban users, Ban E-mails, Ban IPs and Disallow specific usernames.

In this tutorial, I will show you How to ban E-mails in phpBB. It is a very easy process. It also allows you to use wildcard characters so that you can ban a specific type of E-mail address from your forum. You can also put more than one E-mail address or a template in one go. This feature is handy if you are getting too many registrations using the temporary E-mail address providers like temp-mail.org. So, Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Ban E-mails in phpBB

Step 1: Log in to the administrator control panel using the admin credentials.

Step 2: Click on the “Users and Groups” tab of the admin panel.

How To Ban E-Mail In Phpbb - Step 1 And 2

Step 3: Click on the “User Security -> Ban emails” from the left sidebar of the admin panel.

How To Ban E-Mail Addresses In Phpbb - Step 3

Step 4: To ban new E-mail addresses, fill up the required information in the section with the title “Ban one or more email addresses”.

How To Ban E-Mail Addresses In Phpbb - Step 4

Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button given after the form to apply changes.

If successful, You will see an Entry in the next section of the same page titled “Un-ban or un-exclude emails”.

In this section, You can manage all the banned E-mail addresses.

So, this is how you can Ban E-mail addresses in Drupal. It also allows you to use Wildcard characters to cover the range of E-mail addresses. It is a really good feature that allows you to maintain the quality of your Forum by disallowing specific E-mail addresses on your forum.

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