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How to Add Google Maps to Your WordPress Blog

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Integrating Google Maps into your website is undoubtedly the optimal and most convenient way to provide directions. If you own a business with a physical location, you can utilize Google Maps on your Contacts or About Us page so that your visitors can effortlessly locate you. You have the option to add Google Maps to WordPress either manually or by using a plugin, and both methods are fast and simple. Below, we will cover both approaches.

  1. Manually Adding Google Maps to Your Website
    • Visit maps.google.com and search for the location you want to display on your WordPress blog.
    • Right-click on the exact location on the map and choose “Centre map here”.
    • Click on the link button above the list of locations in the left-side panel. Select and copy the code in the lower box. Alternatively, click “Customize and preview embedded map,” select your preferred settings, and copy the code from the text box at the bottom of the page.

    Paste the code into any WordPress post or page, or into the Text widget if you prefer to have the map displayed in a sidebar or elsewhere.

  2. Adding Google Maps Using a Plugin
    • If you only need to display a map on one page or the occasional post on your blog, the above method is usually the quickest and most convenient. However, if your blog heavily relies on maps, you may find that using a plugin provides you with a wider range of useful options. There are numerous plugins available, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using MapPress Easy Google Maps. This plugin also makes it easy to add points of interest to your maps. Although this plugin is free, a paid Pro version is also available.
    • Login to your WordPress Administrator dashboard, open the Plugins tab from the sidebar, and click “Add New”. Search for “MapPress” and click “Search Plugins”. Click “Install Now,” wait for the plugin to download and install, and then click “Activate Plugin”.
    • To add a map using the plugin, navigate to the page or post where you want to add a map (or create a new post or page) and click the “New Map” button below the editor. Enter a title, choose your preferred dimensions for the map, and click “Insert into post”. You can also place a marker on the map by specifying the address in the “Add POI” box.

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