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Installation, Configuration and Features of Wordfence Security

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This tutorial will cover the installation, configuration, and features of the WordPress Wordfence security.

Using a CMS, one can easily personalize and design their websites without extensive technical knowledge. Many website owners trust WordPress because of its user-friendly nature and secure behavior. However, there is a possibility that a WordPress blog can be taken down. The Wordfence Security is a WordPress plugin that can be downloaded from the official WordPress website, wordpress.org.

What is Wordfence

Wordfence is commonly used by WordPress users to refer to the WordPress plugin Wordfence Security. Common methods of customization include plugins and themes. You can choose a theme that suits your website and install the appropriate plugins that meet your website’s needs such as analysis and other miscellaneous utilities.

How to Install Wordfence Security

Please follow the step-by-step instructions to install the Wordfence Security plugin.

1) Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Normally, you should be able to access the admin page with one of the URLs below.

http://yourdomain.tld/wp-admin or https://yourdomain.tld/wp-admin

e.g. https://mydomain.com/wp-admin

You can use the admin username and password you set up during the WordPress installation to log in.

2) Go to Plugins >> Add new

Wordfence Security

3) Search for Wordfence Security in the search box and locate the plugin.

Wordfence Security

4) Once the plugin is successfully installed, activate it.

Features provided by Wordfence Security

Some of the key features provided by Wordfence Security are listed below. Take a look so that you can compare it with other security measures.

1) WordPress Firewall

2) Blocking Features

3) Login Security Features

4) Security scanning features

WordPress Firewall

This is a web firewall application. Its duties are similar to those of server firewalls. The firewall will protect you from being hacked by identifying malicious traffic. If such an attack is detected, the firewall will block the attacker even before they can access your website. It will also block common threats and security issues like scans from botnets.

Blocking Features

The plugin will also block known attackers. This is real-time protection because when any of the websites using the plugin is attacked, the attacker is blocked. It also provides the option to block the user who is attempting to break your predefined security rules.

Login Security Features

Wordfence Security offers Two Factor Authentication to enhance login security. If enabled, you need to login with your password and then with your phone as well. If someone guesses your password and attempts to login, a second authentication step will be requested, which will be sent to your phone.

Security scanning features

Wordfence Security will effectively scan your website. This scan will include plugins, themes, and other files of your website for version checks and vulnerability. They will be checked against the WordPress.org repository to ensure integrity.

There are many more features that the Wordfence Security plugin provides. For the premium version of Wordfence Security, the license is $8.25/month. It is indeed a good option if you want to secure your WordPress.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our support department.

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